January 16, 1920 – Prohibition Begins in the US

It’s hard to believe there was a time in the United States of America that one just couldn’t pop on over to a local liquor store and purchase your favorite alcoholic beverage. I thought it was rough when my husband and I moved to a “dry county” and had to travel to the next town to purchase wine. I cannot fathom being told that…ummmm…there is none. Anywhere.

Well, actually there was. People still made their own (moonshine, anyone?) and just did things more…under the table.

My grandparents actually met in a SpeakEasy – fun family story. My mother remembers being a very young child and being used (because who would suspect a sweet little girl!) to transport wine in paper bags to certain establishments – always using a certain knock on the door to alert ย the potential buyer.

Prohibition ended in December 1933. Lasted nearly 13 years.



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