Today in History…Edith Roosevelt was Born

Today in American history…Edith Roosevelt was born on August 6, 1861. She married her childhood sweetheart, Teddy, in 1886. Her husband once made the following remarks to William Taft:

“I take the keenest pride in seeing Mrs. Roosevelt at the head of the White Houseโ€”a gentlewoman, who gives to all the official life…an air of gracious and dignified simplicity, and who with it all is the ideal of a good American wife and mother who takes care of her six children in the most devoted manner…Mrs. Roosevelt comes a good deal nearer my ideal than I do.”


1 thought on “Today in History…Edith Roosevelt was Born

  1. The Historical Homemaker Post author

    FYI: The first picture on the top left is of Alice Lee Roosevelt. She was Teddy Roosevelt’s first wife who died early in their marriage after the birth of their baby girl, Alice.



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