The Historical Homemaker Bakery & Cafe

We officially opened The Historical Homemaker Bakery & Cafe in Strasburg, Virginia on September 1st. What an incredible weekend we had meeting such wonderful and welcoming people! This has been truly a fun (and hard!) journey for me and I couldn’t have done it without my dad (we even made apple pies together!) my precious husband and my friends who really proved what friendship is all about – especially in the last few days.

My vision for the bakery/cafe is to have a warm, loving place to gather, eat yummy food and share our love of American history with one another. ย In the last few days, I’ve met a history teacher, a Daughter of the Confederacy and a lovely lady who volunteers at the Stonewall Jackson Museum in Winchester among others.

The next time you are in Strasburg, Va please come by to say hello, have a cup of coffee or a cupcake. Would be great to meet you and share our love of history (and sweets!) together.

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