Happy Birthday, Mamie Eisenhower 🇺🇸

Today in American history…Mamie Eisenhower was born in Boone, Iowa on November 14, 1896. She would eventually become our First Lady when her husband Dwight D. Eisenhower became our 34th US President (1953-1961)

Mamie Eisenhower was the first First Lady to appear in a televised presidential campaign advert in 1952. She was not comfortable giving speeches and instead preferred hosting social events at The White House.

She was a very popular First Lady. She had short bangs and women soon copied her and the trend became known as “Mamie’s Bangs.” She also loved the color pink. So during the era of when she was First Lady the term “Mamie Pink” was coined.

Even though she was very popular and beloved by the American people, she was dedicated to her family and much preferred and cherished the time at home with her husband. One of her popular quotes on her love of domesticity was “Ike runs the country, and I turn the pork chops.”

(Official White House portrait by Thomas Edgar Stevens in 1959)

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mamie Eisenhower 🇺🇸

    1. The Historical Homemaker Post author

      I have never been althogh I have been to Gettysburg many times. Will have to go to the farm when I go back!


      1. Dawn M. Miller

        You should, especially given how you love history and presidents, although honestly in my memory, at least, the farm was more about Mamie than Dwight. I enjoyed it when I was there.


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