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Sometimes You Just Gotta (try to) Sing!

What’s the saying? When life hands you lemons you make lemonade? Or in my case…grab whatever you have in your hand and pretend it’s a mic and…sing! 🤣

Waylon & Willie

I’m a wife, mom, Grammy and also a mom of two rambunctious Australian Shepherd dogs, Waylon and Willie. They will be three years old in July and they really keep me “on my toes” on a daily basis. Here they are in the pool the other day ❤️🐶

Life is never boring with these two!

Vintage in the Valley 2023Lydia’s Clothes Closet Vintage Fashion Show

It’s not always easy being a supermodel (kidding!) but when asked, I will always step up to the plate to walk a runway.

True story…when I was a teenager, my mom signed me up at a local modeling agency in Northern Virginia. I was sixteen years old and I thought this was my calling and I would one day roam the catwalks of Paris, Milan…New York. I had a professional modeling portfolio and even had a few local jobs – one was as a store mannequin and all I had to do was stand and stare at a watch on my arm for about fifteen minutes at a time and then run off to change my clothes for the next fifteen minute shift of looking at the watch on my arm while people poked at me to see if I was real or not. Needless to say, I was quickly fired from the job when someone touched me and I said something unladylike to them. So that was the end of my short modeling career.

My next attempt for walking the runway was when I was in my twenties and there was a competition to be the “face of” a popular jean company at the time. My friends encouraged me to go to the local mall, sign up and sashay down the runway. Except for the runway wasn’t one like I would envision in Paris, Milan or New York. It was a wobbly long table in the middle of the mall in a food court. I made the mistake of wearing a suit and very high heels and well…you guessed it…I tried to strut and fell down on my knees and as I tried to get up from the wobbly table I ended up crawling off it. Luckily I had the cheering of my friends!

So when asked to do a modeling gig in my fifties, I decided to just go with it and have fun. Which I did!

Walking the runway. This time it wasn’t a wobbly table 👍
With my son, Trevor
The hubby and I