Today in American history…Emmett Till was born on July 25, 1941 in Webb, Mississippi. He died at the tender age of fourteen on August 28, 1955 in Money, MS. He was brutally beaten and lynched.

One of the most defining and important books that I’ve read in my lifetime was written by his beloved mother, Death of Innocence. If you ever have a chance to read it I highly recommend it.

His life should always be remembered and cherished. His name should never be forgotten.

Today in American history…

Today in American history…Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on July 22, 1890 in Boston, Massachussettes.

“I’ve always believed that God never gives a cross to bear larger than we can carry. No matter what, He wants us to be happy, not sad. Bird sing after a storm. Why shouldn’t we?” – Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Today in American history…

Today in American history…Lizzie Borden was born on July 19, 1860 in Fall River, Massachussettes. Her murder trial (and then acquittal) was one of the most infamous trials in American history. What are your thoughts? Was she guilty? Innocent?

And did you know that the location of the murders is now a bed and breakfast/museum? Would YOU stay night?
Check it out right here:

Today in American history…

Today in American history…our 38th US President Gerald R. Ford was born in Omaha, Nebraska on July 14, 1913. He was the first Vice President to assume the Presidency after President Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974.

Today in American History…

A wonderful article written by my son, Trevor, a few years ago when he visited Mary Surratt’s House & Museum. Today marks the anniversary of her death in 1865. She was the first woman executed by the Federal Governent.

What are your thoughts? Do you think she would have been found guilty or innocent if she was put on trial today in 2020?

You can read the article here

Today in American History…

Today in American history…President Reagan nominated Sandra Day O’Connor to be the first woman Supreme Court justice in U.S. history on July 7, 1981.

September 21, 1981, her appointment was unanimously approved by the US Senate.

September 25, 1981, Sandra Day O’Connor was sworn in by Chief Justice Warren Burger.