Today in American History…

Today in American History…the landmark and historic Supreme Court case, Brown vs the Board of Education of Topeka was decided in 1954. This historic decision made racial segregation in public educational facilities unconstitutional. It was a huge victory for the Civil Rights movement.

National Armed Forces Day

Thank you to all of our men and women in the U.S Armed Forces. Your bravery is commended. Your sacrifices don’t go unnoticed. Thank you for serving our country and protecting our citizens 🇺🇸

Today in American History…

Today in American history…the US Senate acquit President Andrew Johnson of one of the crimes of high crimes and misdemeanors. He was charged with 11 articles of impeachment – all due to his staunch disagreement to the handling of the reconstruction of our country after the Civil War. There was then a ten day recess before the attempt to convict him on the additional articles. The delay did not change the outcome of the charges. On May 26, 1868, the Senate did not convict the president on two articles, both by the same margin, after which the trial was adjourned and did not consider the remaining eight articles of impeachment.

President Johnson was the very first President to be charged with high crimes and misdemeanors. The others would be in recent history: Richard Nixon (resigned), William J. Clinton and most recently President Donald Trump. (Photo Credit: Harpers Weekly, Theodore R. Davis’ sketch of the Senate impeachment process

Today in American History…

Today in American history…President James Monroe was born in 1758 in Monroe Hall, Virginia. He had served in several high positions prior to becoming our 5th US President including being Secretary of War, Secretary of State and as the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Historic Places to Visit…Harpers Ferry, West VA

Since it was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, we decided to take a drive out to historic Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. All of the parking was closed off due to the need to quarantine we still drove through the quaint and historic town to take in a few of the sights nestled by the Shenandoah River. Harpers Ferry is best known as being the site of John Brown’s famous raid in 1859 and his attempt to gather a band of slaves to attack the town and gather all that he could from the local arsenal. It didn’t end well when they were met by US troops and violence occurred. Killing a few of John Brown’s sons and others in his group. John Brown was wounded and apprehended and would stand trial in December 1859 and sentenced to death. He was hung in nearby Charles Town soon after. Some say this was the actual beginning of the Civil War – the war drums were banging and no less than over a year later our country would be in a Civil War.

Today in American History…

President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated 155 years ago tonight at Ford’s Theater in Washington, DC. He would pass away from his wounds early the next morning at a home across the street from the theater (The Peterson House). Secretary of War Edwin Stanton was at his bedside and said “he now belongs to the ages.”

Today in American History…Thomas Jefferson was Born 🇺🇸

Today in American history…Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Virginia. A few of his life achievements were:

U.S. Minister to France

Principal Author of the Declaration of Independence

Governor of Virginia

Vice President of the United States

U.S. Secretary of State

Founding Father of the University of Virginia

Third President of the United States