In the Kitchen Today ~ Civil War Gingerbread

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Today has been the perfect day for baking. It’s a cold, snowy day and all in world (at least in my area) has come to a halt. It is quite peaceful and wonderful to get off of the “hamster wheel of life” and just hang out in pajamas, fireplace on…watch old movies on Netflix and of course for me…to bake!

Being that I am snowed in today, I had to rummage for things in the pantry that I could use for baking today and was excited that I had all to make gingerbread!

Gingerbread was a popular staple for the soldiers during the Civil War.  Molasses was so much cheaper to use than sugar and so a lot of gingerbread was consumed during this time.  Gingerbread was sent to the soldiers via care packages (along with socks) from their loved ones and I envision that they must have loved receiving this wonderful cake made with much love from home. It tastes better than hardtack that’s for sure!

I found a wonderful recipe from The Urban Homemaker which was quite easy to make – and I am all about simplicity.  No offense to Martha Stewart but…I need simple and uncomplicated recipes!

Happy Snow Day!











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