Gettysburg Weekend

Had a wonderful time in Gettysburg this weekend. My husband and I visit a few times a year and truly enjoy our visits every single time.  Each visit, we like to pay homage to the battlefield areas and pay our respects to those so bravely fought (and died) so so many years ago.  Today we spent a lot of time at Little Round Top (which has a spectacular view of the valley and Devils Den). Of course, it’s quite peaceful now with tourists clamoring for pictures and taking selfies and it’s almost hard to conceive that so much death occurred right under our feet and on the rocks we pose next to and sit on.  Such a hollowed place and it’s always nice to come back and remember those who had fallen in those first few days of July 1863.

After our Little Round Top visit, it was wonderful seeing Erik Dorr today at The Gettysburg Museum Of History. Really enjoyed our visit to his museum! Every time we visit we oooh and ahhhh over hid amazing collection. Truly the best museum in all of #gettysburg. If you ever get a chance to visit Gettysburg please stop by and see Erik at The Gettysburg Museum of History.


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