Visit to the Fisher’s Hill Battlefield

The battle of Fisher’s Hill was fought September 21-22, 1864 near the town of Strasburg, Virginia. It was part of the Valley Campaigns of 1864.

It was a gorgeous Sunday so we brought the boys to show them the landscape of the battlefield. It was incredibly peaceful and hard to realize the carnage that happened years ago.

Some interesting facts about the Battle of Fisher’s Hill:

  • The battle took place between North Mountain and Massanutten Mountain in the Shenandoah Valley
  • Union forces from New York and Confederate forces from Alabama were heavily represented
  • This campaign was also known as “The Gibraltar of the Valley”
  • The area was only 4 miles long and had nearly 4000 casualties
  • The battle between both sides was very exhausting with the South losing confidence with General Jubal Early. At one point, General Early even threw rocks at his men’s heads to stop them from retreating.
  • It ended as a victory for the North

A wonderful day to explore Fisher’s Hill

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