Happy 90th Wedding Anniversary to my Grandparents

These two people were not famous political leaders and didn’t do much to make their marks in history books…but to me…they are two of the most important and influential people in my life: My grandparents.

Today in history…Mario and Mary Marini were married in 1930 in a small town in Pennsylvania. My grandmother was born in the US to Italian/Austrian immigrants and my Grandfather was born in a small town near Florence in Italy. He stowed away to America (illegally!) as a young boy on a ship because he believed America was the land of bountiful opportunities. My grandparents met in a Speak-Easy and my great-grandfather was not thrilled with his daughters adoration for this tough Italian immigrant with gold teeth and tattoos. They fell in love, got married and well…the rest is history.

Here they are on their wedding day 90 years ago. Young and blissfully in love.

Happy anniversary Grandma and Grandpa! Much love to you in heaven.

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