Historic Places to Visit…Harpers Ferry, West VA

Since it was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, we decided to take a drive out to historic Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. All of the parking was closed off due to the need to quarantine we still drove through the quaint and historic town to take in a few of the sights nestled by the Shenandoah River. Harpers Ferry is best known as being the site of John Brown’s famous raid in 1859 and his attempt to gather a band of slaves to attack the town and gather all that he could from the local arsenal. It didn’t end well when they were met by US troops and violence occurred. Killing a few of John Brown’s sons and others in his group. John Brown was wounded and apprehended and would stand trial in December 1859 and sentenced to death. He was hung in nearby Charles Town soon after. Some say this was the actual beginning of the Civil War – the war drums were banging and no less than over a year later our country would be in a Civil War.

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