Visit to Mount Hebron Cemetery in Winchester, Virginia

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and we decided to spend a few moments in Mount Hebron Cemetery in Winchester, Virginia, to pay our honor and respect for those who paid the ultimate price for our beloved country. The soldiers buried here are Confederate soldiers who fought in the battles in Winchester and are laid to rest in what is known as Stonewall Cemetary.

The Confederate cemetery was dedicated in 1866 and Stonewall Cemetery is the last resting place for the bodies of 2,576 Confederate soldiers who died in the fields and hospitals in Winchester. It was impressive to see the beautiful monuments erected to to the States and solemn to see the graves directly around them.

We also learned something new today. General George Patton’s grandfather, George S Patton, Sr. died in the Third battle of Winchester and is buried in Stonewall Cemetery.

We hope that you are doing something – even if it is just a moment of silence – to remember what Memorial Day is all about. Thank you to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren. For our freedom. God bless the United States of America always and forever 🇺🇸

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