Today in American history…

Today in American history… Victoria Woodhull was born September 23, 1838 in Homer, Ohio.

Some interesting facts about Victoria Woodhull…

She was the first woman to run for the Presidency of the United States in 1872 as part of the Equal Opportunities Party – Frederick Douglass was her running mate!

She was very much a supporter and activist for women’s rights, labor reforms and believed that women should have the freedom to marry, divorce and to have children without the government interfering in their lives.

“They cannot roll back the rising tide of reform,” she often said. “The world moves.”

She was born into a dysfunctional family. Married young to an abusive husband and had two children – one who was born with lifelong health challenges. She divorced her first husband, married and divorced her second and finally married her last husband and resided in the UK until her death in 1927.

Other great accomplishments were along with her sister, they opened their own brokerage house – Woodhull, Claflin & Company – in 1870 and made a fortune at the New York Stock Exchange. The first woman to do this.

Also, On May 14, 1870, Victoria Woodhull used the money she and her sister had made from their brokerage to start a newspaper, Woodhull & Claflin’s Weekly, which published for the next six years. She was the first woman to own a weekly newspaper.

It goes to show what having guts and determination can do – an inspiring “rags to riches” story of how one woman, regardless of where she came from, wanted to and set out to change the world.

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