National Coffee Day

It’s National Coffee Day☕️ Did you know that coffee was a favorite beverage of Presidents George Washington? John Adams,Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and John F Kennedy? ☕️ George Washington ordered 200 pounds of coffee in 1700 ☕️ John Adams declared tea to be unpatriotic after the Boston Tea Party in 1773 and switched to coffee as his favorite morning beverage instead ☕️Thomas Jefferson declared coffee to be “the favorite beverage of the civilized world ☕️Abraham Lincoln loved to eat an apple for breakfast along with a cup of hot coffee ☕️Teddy Roosevelt literally drank a gallon of coffee (16 cups!) a day ☕️ John F Kennedy had two political ads which aired in 1952 called “Coffee with the Kennedy’s” You can read more here about their love of America’s favorite drink #thehistoricalhomemaker #nationalcoffeeday #potus #coffeevibes #ilovecoffee #coffeeandhistory

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