National Chocolate Chip Day

Today is National Chocolate Chip Day. Here is a delicious recipe from former First Lady Laura Bush’s own personal recipe collection.

Beginning in 1992, Family Circle magazine has organized a political bake-off during every presidential election year. It was already a popular thing for the presidential candidates wives to release their family recipes during the campaign to help them become more relatable to the voters. Family Circle magazine then decided to “up the ante” by publishing cookie recipes from the wives of each presidential candidate and asked their readers to try baking both and then vote on their favorite cookie.

It’s interesting that the results of the bake-off have almost always predicted the winner of the presidential election – except for a minor few.

Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookie was in competition with Tipper Gore’s Ginger Snap cookie during the 2000 presidential election and won!

and well…the rest is history 🍪

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