Thomas Jefferson’s Marinated Asparagus

My husband asked that I make something other than sweets (at least for today) – he can only indulge in so much! 🤣 So I decided on a much healthier recipe and, of course, it’s something very easy to make and you can make in your own kitchen too! Also, how cool is it to eat something Thomas Jefferson enjoyed.

At home in Virginia at his beloved Monticello, Thomas Jefferson had a large garden of different varieties of basically anything you can possibly think of. From herbs to fruit to the most luscious vegetables including asparagus which was one of his personal favorites.

I used the recipe here.

Here’s what you will need to make Marinated Asparagus
Trim the asparagus and then wash
Boil until tender (about 3-5 minutes)
Drain after boiling. Let the asparagus soak in cold water for a few minutes.
Prepare your marinade mixture
Pour the marinade gently to the asparagus. Add more eggs or parsley for garnish if needed.

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