Happy Birthday, George Washington 🇺🇸

Portrait by Gilbert Stuart (1796)

Today in American history…George Washington was born on a plantation in Westmoreland County, Virginia on February 22, 1732. We all know the stories of him being a hero of the French and Indian War…the Revolutionary War…and the very first President of the United States and is often referred to as “our founding father.”

But did you know that he was just a regular guy who loved to eat breakfast at his beloved home Mount Vernon?

In honor of George Washington’s Birthday today we made his favorite breakfast: Hoe Cakes. President Washington loved to have his favorite breakfast topped with a lot of butter and honey along with a cup of hot tea.

Washington Irving once wrote that our founding father’s favorite meal often included “two small cups of tea and three or four cakes of Indian meal (called hoe cakes).”

Here’s the recipe from Southern Eats & Goodies. It’s very simple to make that you can make them in your own kitchen and eat like George Washington!


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