Today in American History…

Today in American history…Our 36th US President, Lyndon Johnson, was born on a farm near Stonewall, Texas.

Some of his lifetime accomplishments were:

***Elected to the US House of Representatives in 1937. His time in office was interrupted due to his service in WWII. He signed up for the Navy and won the Silver Star for bravery. Upon arriving home, he continued his service in the House until 1948 when he was elected and became a US Senator representing Texas.
***Became the US Senate’s Minority Leader in 1953.
***Became the US Senate’s Majority Leader in 1954.
***Selected and nominated as John F Kennedy’s Vice Presidential running mate in 1960.
***Became the US Vice President in 1961
***When President Kennedy died on November 22, 1963, President Johnson was sworn in as our Nation’s 36th US President.
***Officially elected to the Presidency by the American people in 1964.

As President, a few of his notable accomplishments were:

Created and pushed through legislation to create Medicare/Medicaid, Head Start, The Voting Rights Act and The Civil Rights Act.

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